There is no great tango marathon without energetic and devoted DJ’s. Therefore, we are incredibly happy that Piotr Roemer is a part of our 2021 DJ-team and we are sure he will make us dance and party for hours.

Piotr Roemer

The young talented composer of contemporary music was recently awarded a scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in Poland.

Besides being a requested DJ, Piotr is seen on the dance floor all over Europe together with his partner Ewa Wojtkiewicz as a performer and teacher.

What describes you as a DJ?

Composer with experimental attitude and dance floor intuition.

What is the best thing about playing at a marathon without cortinas?

The best thing is that I never did it before. This kind of challenge inspires me to search new kinds of musical expression and new ways of connection with the dancers.

What do you love about tango DJ-ing?

”I love the moments, when my personal music choices becomes part of others joy.”

Which are your favourite tango orchestras and why?

I don’t have the favourite orchestra. For me the power of tango music at the milonga comes from its variety served in the right proportions.

What brought you to tango?


Want to know more about Piotr?

For more information visit Piotr on facebook:

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