Gothenburg Tango Marathon is a leader/follower balanced event for dancers who enjoy to dance day and night without interruptions of cortinas. We aim to create a warm and friendly atmosphere with up to 130 dancers from all over the world.

To assure role balance, we encourage registration in pairs. So, bring your favourite dance partner, lots of energy, and together we will make this marathon unforgettable!

Are you searching for travel companion, a dance partner for registration, or accommodation in Gothenburg?

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Terms & Conditions

Currently Sweden still has Covid related restrictions in place, that would render the marathon impossible. With vaccinations progressing and first countries starting to ease or lift registrations, we are positive, that by late August we have a regulatory environment that will enable us to go through with the marathon.

Please be aware that the marathon might need to be cancelled! We therefore advice not to book any flight tickets or the likes nor book any hotel, until the marathon has been confirmed! We will ultimately confirm or cancel/postpone the marathon by July 25th, 2021 at the latest.

Registration  – How does it work?

We encourage couple registrations but you can also register as a single dancer. If you registrate as a couple, please note that both you and your dancing partner must submit the registration form.

If you register as a single dancer you will be put on a waiting list until there is another single dancer registering.

The rule “first come, first served” is not applicable for this event. The acceptance is based on a combination of criteria such as the balance between leaders and followers and country of origin.

  • After submitting the form you will receive an automatic response stating that we have received your application.
  • Within two weeks we will inform you whether you’ve got a place in the marathon or if you are on a waiting list. In case you are accepted we will also send you payment instructions.
  • When we have received the payment from you and your partner we will send you a final confirmation of your participation.
  • We look forward seeing you at the marathon!


Marathon participation & fees and are neither refundable nor transferable.

If the marathon needs to be cancelled from the organizers side, all entry fees will be returned!

Registration for the marathon

Registration to the marathon is mandatory and only possible through filling out this form: REGISTRATION

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