There is no great tango marathon without energetic and devoted DJ’s. Therefore, we are incredibly happy that Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh is a part of our 2021 DJ-team and we are sure she will make us dance and party for hours.

Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh

To the initiate tango dancer, Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh doesn’t really need any introduction anymore. Sigrid is one of Europe’s finest tango dancers and much sought after as a teacher and performer around the world. 

With such a demanding schedule, she unfortunately cannot be experienced much as a Tango DJ in milongas and festivals anymore. Something that Sigrid had been doing as early as 2005, when just a few Tango DJs were around. 

Melodic – Contrasted 

When we ask Sigrid to name some words that would describes her as a DJ she chooses Melodic – Contrasted 

What is the best thing about playing at a marathon without cortinas? 

The uninterrupted energy flow, the possibility to create musical contrasts from a tanda to another one, the dropping of the supposed conventions, the abandon of the mental processing, the surrender to the pure joy of the body movement.

What do you love about tango DJing?

To see people having pleasure dancing to the music I love. To surprise people with my selection. To guess what the people will want to dance next tanda. 

Which are your favourite tango orchestras and why?

  • O. Pugliese = he makes me travel into the depth of the emotions and body sensations. 
  • F. Canaro = I like to listen at all the melodics lines and look at the details. 
  • R. Biagi = he is mischievous with the dancers. 
  • the late C. Di Sarli = the music is sooo sensual. 

What brought you to tango? 

How can I answer this question in 3 sentences? Impossible! Sorry I skip it. If people are interested, they are welcome to join me at the DJ table and I will answer that gratefully. So, I will see if people are really interested, and I will be less alone when it will be my set. 😁 

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