There is no great tango marathon without energetic and devoted DJ’s. Therefore, we are incredibly happy that Daniela Felicke-Wolff is a part of our 2021 DJ-team and we are sure she will make us dance and party for hours.

Daniela Felicke-Wolff

Daniela Feilcke-Wolff started her career as tango-dj in Potsdam and Berlin. She is playing in regular milongas like the famous “Café Domínguez” in Berlin as well as on festivals and marathons. Daniela is well known for her carefully composed tandas which reflect the need of the dancers and the traffic situation on the dancefloor. As a dancer she leads and follows and therefore assimilates the musical perspective of both roles. Her heart belongs to the Golden Age, especially to the 40ties!

Daniela, could you name three words that describe you as a DJ?

“Tough question; focused – humorous – not functioning without a Prosecco!”

What do you love about tango DJ-ing?

“One takes the role of the director and if it plays out well, you experience magical moments. I think that is why I love it!”

What is the best thing about playing at a marathon without cortinas?

“You are not really doing a cortina-free marathon, are you? I have never done it at a marathon! Though, I grew up without them. My first DJ years were without cortina, as no one played them at that time. Cortinas came later and I feel lucky to have experienced both!”

Which are your favourite tango orchestras and why?

“Pugliese, as it was the first one I understood as a dancer. He gives a lot of space to the dancer to play with. I could write a novel on that question … not going to though 😉”

What brought you to tango?

“Too long of a story …”

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